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Technical Writer & Conversion Copywriter

Conversion copywriter and technical writer with 12+ years of experience crafting content for SMBs, software developers, law firms, medical professionals, digital entrepreneurs, insurance firms, and hundreds of other clients. Skilled and certified in project management, technical writing, and copy editing.


Clear, audience-focused content.


As a business owner, I understand your goals and how to reach them


Copywriting has generated over $45 million ROI for clients

Technical Writing

15+ years of experiencing drafting technical content for software developers, law firms, healthcare organizations, media, and many more.


Proven conversion copywriting skills that have generated over $45 million in online sales.

Project Management

Certified project management professional

My Story

I grew a boutique web content development service from a part-time college gig into a thriving international business.

“I could not have asked for a better content writer. I have used many content guys before but never needed to find someone new after Andrew. A+++ Service. Fast and Reliable.”

Scott Zuckerman, One Click Root Android Software

“…given him some difficult topics that are quite specific and tough for a guy to write about and was very impressed with the results. Quality is well worth the price – highly recommended.”

Ben Roland, Loba Design Studio

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, suntin culpa qui officia deserunt mollit animid est laborum. Duis viverra ipsum dictum.”

Troy Shanks, Higher Health Network

Available for contracts, remote positions, and on-site work in North Carolina